AHG Roadside Assist

AHG Roadside Assist is a sensible decision regardless of your car’s age or condition.

At Rockingham Suzuki, we’ll give you 6 months free AHG Roadside Assist when you purchase a used car or service with us. AHG Roadside Assist extends beyond Perth and WA; we’ll provide you with nationwide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case your car won’t start or breaks down.


Service your car with us and receive a registration brochure. If you have recently serviced your car and received your registration brochure, you canregister your membership online.

AHG Roadside Assist Services & Cover


Our AHG Roadside Assist policy covers you for the following:

  • Battery faults.
    If your car has a faulty or flat battery we’ll jumpstart your car or arrange a replacement battery.
  • Flat or damaged tyres.
    We’ll change your flat tyres or damaged wheel using your spare or tow you to the nearest AHG service centre.
  • Breakdown service.
    If you breakdown and your car is unable to be driven safely, AHG Roadside Assist will transport you to and your vehicle back to an AHG dealership within 50km.
  • Run out of fuel.
    If you run out of fuel when you're on the road we’ll help get you started again.
  • Ambulance service.
    In the event of an accident where the registered vehicle is involved and the driver or passengers require the services of an ambulance, AHG Roadside Assist will cover the ambulance cost up to $400.